Things to read about Arctic Circle Trail

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable actions to perform during your free time, holidays or vacations. This is mainly because you will get the chance to transverse between different paths while at the same time enjoying beautiful scenery. If you want to go hiking, then it is highly advisable that you choose a location which has the best in terms of scenery, landscape or weather. Unfortunately, there are only a few such places and thus you will find may people touring the site.


If you are into hiking then it is high time that you made a visit to the Arctic Circle, a tourist destination sight in Greenland. The Arctic Circle Terrain runs for close to over 165 km and starts at the edge of the ice sheet, through Kangerlussuaq and all the way to Sissimiut. This route can take you a couple of days before reaching the intended destination. Fortunately, there are tourist cabins on the Arctic Circle Trail from where you can spend some time. The good news is that all these tourist cabins are available free of charge and hence you can move from one cabin to another while navigating through the Arctic Circle Trail.

Being a long route, there are areas where you will come across caverns painted with a red half arch. The sole purpose of these markings is to help you navigate through the route without getting lost. Unfortunately, there are some areas which have no markings and that is why you need to carry your own Arctic Circle Trail Guide. With this guide, it becomes easy to know your current location or simply find you way back in case you get lost. Furthermore, you will prepare adequately when passing through wet areas since they are all displayed in the guide.


Remember to carry a satellite phone or an emergency transmitter while visiting the Arctic Circle. These gadgets will play an important role whenever you want to get in touch with your loved ones. This is mainly because there is no network coverage during the trip. For more information, read this link.


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